Joe Meloni

A report from Informz found that companies with successful email marketing strategies make adjustments to their messages based on open rates and the types of content recipients access.

According to the survey, companies have found open rates increase when email campaigns are sent in the morning. These messages are opened 39.2 percent of the time, which represents an increase from those sent at other times of the day. Informz found that the average open rate for an email marketing campaign is 23.8 percent.

Perhaps more important than the timing of an email is the content a marketer chooses to include. Like any other web marketing effort, relevant links to website content targeted at specific audiences will drive engagement as effectively as any other method. Informz found, however, that companies often struggle to enroll enough subscribers in their campaigns because they fail to highlight the campaigns with calls to action or content on other marketing channels.

„Email marketing is one of the strongest assets that a website owner has to grow sales quickly although most website owners fail to capture enough subscribers,“ a representative from Informz said in a release.

Beyond failure to encourage email marketing subscriptions through multiple marketing channels, many businesses neglect social integration within email messages. Brafton recently reported that the inclusion of social media marketing tools within email can include engagement, but just 19 percent of companies using both channels integrate them.