Joe Meloni

A report from Marin Software found that the amount of web activity on tablets has grown, as the share of ad clicks in its network from the handsets increased from March to June. In March, Marin found that 6 percent of the clicks in its network came from tablets, and this number grew to 8 percent in June.

In general, the tablet market has grown substantially in the last half year, and marketers are adjusting their campaigns to the habits of these users. Making site alterations aimed at ensuring content is entirely accessible to tablet owners is critical, especially as their web behavior make them ideal targets for content marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Marin found marketers are dedicating more of their paid search budgets to targeting these users. While PPC and SEO campaigns are obviously different, Brafton highlighted an effort from Landmark Bank that focused on creating high-quality website content to boost paid search performanc. Typically associated with SEO, this practice improved clickthrough rates and other metrics for the company’s paid search campaigns.

Tablet users respond well to sites with strong site content. A report from the Online Publishers Association found that 94 percent of tablet owners named content consumption as their primary task with their handsets.