A report from IDG Enterprise found that B2B marketers are increasing their investment in content creation, and many believe their content campaigns contribute to greater audience engagement and brand authority. The responses suggest marketers are building diverse content formats on their sites, which can both attract new prospects and help businesses improve their sites‘ SEO standing.

According to the study, 62 percent of companies use case studies to detail the benefits their products and services to prospects. Most of the businesses using this kind of site content find it’s effective for furthering their brand message and engaging prospects. Other longer forms of website content marketers have integrated into their marketing mix include white papers and webinars, which are especially strong at demonstrating a company’s authority. Sixty-one percent of brands use white papers, and 73 percent of these businesses said this part of their strategy has succeed in driving traffic. Nearly half also use webinars to reach prospects.

In addition to publishing long-form, authoritative content, it’s critical to create enough articles, blogs and other ongoing pieces to keep readers interested in a brand’s message. As prospects frequently access website content, the resulting positive interaction metrics may improve a site’s presence in search – while also helping brands build more touch points with their audiences.

B2B Content marketing survey results from IDG

One of the most effective types of content for improving search presence and industry authority is news content marketing. Pairing shorter, frequently updated articles as well as longer pieces offers a level of diversity for brands looking to appeal to different types of prospects. More than 40 percent of respondents said they create web articles for their sites. Similarly, about 62 percent of these organizations said this part of their strategy has improved site visibility across the web.

Other types of content businesses have invested in and seen strong results from include email and social media marketing. Each of these channels helps organizations directly interact with prospects, while also providing an avenue for them to share their website content or white papers to drive traffic to their sites. More than half of respondents use email and newsletter marketing, and 60 percent believe the messages have been effective. Social marketing strategies yielded similar responses.

The study also found infographics are the fastest-rising content type on in marketing strategies. As Brafton reported earlier, IDG found that around one in five respondents incorporate graphics into their content marketing campaigns.

From blog posts and white papers to infographics and video content, using different content formats to create an interactive site for various users can drive brand engagement. In an interview with Brafton, Ken Barhoover, marketing manager at Park Place Technologies, spoke firsthand about the value of diverse content. „Creating content for each persona you’re likely to target or hear from is critical,“ Barhoover said.