Joe Meloni

A report from BlogHer found that blog content and social media marketing are effective ways to reach American mothers regardless of their age. In fact, the 46 to 64 age group has become more active on the web than many expected. For marketers, the web has led to increased accessibility to prospects, and creating relevant web content for these new audiences can help companies boost site traffic and conversions.

According to BlogHer, 67 percent of American mothers named blogs as one of their primary resources for parenting advice. BlogHer divided respondents into the 18 to 27, 28 to 45 and 46 to 64 age groups. Blogs were a major influence on 64 percent, 72 percent and 60 percent of respondents for each age group respectively. Developing a content marketing strategy that appeals to mothers of different ages can help companies increase visibility for their brands, products and services. Moreover, it’s likely that the number of mothers from each age group accessing relevant blog content will grow moving forward.

The study also found that advice on blogs aimed at mothers leads to frequent conversions and more visibility. More than 56 percent said they purchased a food product after reading a blog, 48 percent bought an item for their children and 44 percent shared content with their friends. Providing relevant content that appeals to mothers and encouraging them to share it on their social media profiles can help marketers boost visibility for different channels within their web strategy.

Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter all performed well in the survey, with each of the three age groups indicating some use of the platforms. Facebook was the most popular, with 64 percent of respondents saying they use the network to find content and engage with people and brands about parenting or purchases for themselves or their families. Pinterest and Twitter are also effective elements of a social media marketing strategy aimed at mothers, with 31 and 28 percent of respondents using them, respectively.

„Social media is having a profound effect on family life by providing authentic, trusted information, and blogs lead the way.“ – Elisa Camahort Page, COO, BlogHer

„Social media is having a profound effect on family life by providing authentic, trusted information, and blogs lead the way,“ Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer, said in a release. „Whether seeking teething advice, researching anything from strollers to eco-friendly toys or deciding what to cook for dinner, blogs give moms confidence in their choices.“

Like other demographics, mothers are becoming increasingly active on multiple screens, with 99 percent saying they use a desktop or laptop computer, 83 percent owning a smartphone and 56 percent accessing content on a tablet.

In the past, Brafton reported that mothers are often among the first adopters of different kinds of web content, as they look to stay in touch with friends and family or learn about new products and services for their families. In fact, a study from BabyCenter found that 80 percent of female web users with children use social media, compared to just more than half of all American web users.