Joe Meloni

A report from comScore suggests that targeting smartphone users can help companies with new media marketing efforts, as the growing portion of the total mobile phone market continues to use different web channels more frequently. Additionally, Android’s popularity makes Google SEO even more valuable to businesses given the seamless integration between the mobile OS and the world’s most frequently used search engines.

ComScore reported that Android currently accounts for 50.9 percent of smartphones in use in the United States. As these devices become more popular among users, the value of targeting mobile users will grow even further, especially as BIA/Kelsey reports that mobile search will reach 30 billion queries this year.

The number of overall mobile phone users accessing the web from their devices reached 49.8 percent, which means smartphones make up about half of the total market. Numbers from different reports have pegged smartphone ownership in the U.S. between 49 percent and more than 50 percent of all mobile phone users. Another positive byproduct of smartphone growth for web marketers is social media use, with 36.7 percent of all mobile phone owners accessing a social network.

Brafton recently reported that Twitter is an especially valuable asset to companies looking to improve social media marketing campaigns by targeting mobile audiences, as more than 60 percent of the site’s users access it from a mobile device.