An increasing number of people and companies are using Twitter to boost their online visibility, but one expert says these users may want to consider a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy when it comes to the micro-blogging service.

In an article for Search Engine Journal, Joshua Odmark writes the future of search is in real-time results, something few search engines can provide at the moment – except Twitter.

With this in mind, and considering the amount of users on Twitter, Odmark says search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords are things everyone should be thinking about when they tweet.

"We all know how important keywords are in content thanks to Google. Twitter is teaching us how important these keywords are in our tweets," Odmark writes. "Relationships are created via the keywords that are in the tweets and people are finding tweets based on those keyword searches."

Odmark does say that Twitter is not foolproof, noting that it has difficulty with punctuation and that searchers may have to look for a number of variations of keywords in order to find what they’re looking for.

If real-time results really are the future of search, Twitter may have some competition soon. This week Facebook announced that it has begun testing a new version of Facebook Search which is being designed to give "up-to-the-minute results."