Experts say that search engine optimization (SEO) concerns should be factored into the design of a website from the outset, rather than being treated as a separate issue to be dealt with by a separate team.

Rob Garner, strategy director for digital marketing company iCrossing, writes in a column at MediaPost that web designers are sometimes hesitant to spend significant sums on incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) expertise into their plans from the beginning. Garner says that this practice can lead to much more expensive fixes farther along in a site’s life cycle.

Careful attention must be paid to analytics data, Garner adds, pointing out that important sources of traffic and conversions are frequently overlooked by web designers inattentive to search engine optimization (SEO) concerns. He suggests trying to "paint a picture" of the journey that users undertake to reach a website via search engines or links.

Other experts, like those at SEO Consult, agree with Garner that an accurate understanding of the value of inbound links is a critical component of a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.