Unity in a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is "crucial" to ensure that it is successful, it has been explained.

Writing on E-consultancy’s internet marketing blog, sector commentator Peter Young states an effective SEO scheme is not about careful keyword research, search path analysis or great implementation.

"It is about tying all of these facets together into one campaign", he explains.

Mr Young continues: "Only by doing this will you see your online marketing campaigns perform to their maximum efficiencies."

As such, he explains online advertising schemes must include a range of elements, such as good-quality content, appropriate imagery, paid search, relevant keywords and effective website design.

Concluding, Mr Young states one size does not fit all when it comes to an SEO strategy and what will work well for a health insurance provider will not necessarily be good for a retail site, for example.

In other news, a survey carried out by Technorati and posted on E-consultancy suggests the average revenue for users who monetize their blogs is more than $6,000.