Different products and services require different types of search engine optimization (SEO) emphasis, according to experts. While some products are only of interest to consumers in a utilitarian sense, others are more of a lifestyle choice.

Kaila Colbin, writing at MediaPost, uses the examples of couches and kayaks. Couches, Colbin says, are a fairly universal product that does not, by itself, indicate much about a consumer’s habits or lifestyle. When shopping for such products, according to Colbin, customers will go "straight to Google," meaning that search engine optimization (SEO) for companies selling such products should be focused appropriately.

On the other hand, items like kayaks tend to be part of a more general lifestyle choice, says Colbin. And people are more likely, therefore, to spend more time searching for and engaging with kayak-related content online, usually by means of social networks. As opposed to the quick and to-the-point results needed for things like couches, successful search engine optimization (SEO) for kayaks should target more "long-form" online channels.

Social media networks are becoming increasingly important targets for online marketing, and experts say that recent content indexing deals for Twitter content could help provide search engine optimization (SEO) options.