Joe Meloni

Consumers rarely put their smartphones down for long, and they’re often looking for relevant information about nearby companies or shopping options when they pick them up. According to a report from AYTM Market Research, 69 percent of Americans said they regularly use their smartphones while in restaurants. Moreover, a report from BlogHer, studying the web habits of mothers, found that moms actively use their smartphones throughout the day, regardless of location.

Aside from phone calls and text messages, Americans turn to their handsets to access the web, and the range of content they read with their devices represents strong content marketing opportunities for businesses. In fact, Americans spend more time on their devices every year with BlogHer finding 64 percent of respondents saying they’ve turned to their smartphones more this year than last year.

Appealing to smartphone users with website content may require some minor adjustments for businesses in terms of site accessibility. Ensuring prospects can access a site easily from their devices is a start, and Google’s Pierre Farr recently reported that this should be a first consideration for companies moving forward. With regard to mobile SEO, adding a local element to content with the inclusion of regionalized keywords can help appeal to mobile search algorithms and users who want information relevant to their surroundings.

Google has taken notice of increased mobile web and search use, as well. Brafton recently highlighted an addition to mobile SERPs that includes an icon next to results for smartphone-optimized websites.