Joe Meloni

Whether in the form of user-generated posts or professional content marketing strategies, Americans respond well to product or services reviews when researching new purchases. AYTM Market Research found that nearly 80 percent of respondents trust reviews on the web, and the growth of user-generated content has made them a cornerstone of content marketing strategies, especially for B2C companies.

Sixty-five percent of respondents said they trust online reviews „somewhat,“ and 14.8 percent reported that they trust reviews „very much.“ While 20.3 percent don’t have much faith in reviews on the web, the benefits of creating content related to products and services are widespread. Aside from increased trust apparent from the AYTM study, populating a site with high-quality reviews and other content helps companies build their presences in search and social media marketing.

Developing a content strategy aimed at driving trust and boosting SEO requires an understanding of the issues prospects face when deciding upon purchases. The number of consumers reporting that they gain trust from reviews that focus on the types of questions prospects have when researching purchases shows that a company can make a content strategy more effective for SEO by establishing a rapport with consumers.

Additionally, most Americans won’t buy from brands they don’t trust. The opportunity to build trust is greater than ever thanks to the web and the way consumers use it for shopping research. Brafton recently highlighted a report from Triton Digital that found more than 60 percent of respondents access website content before making a purchase.