Joe Meloni

As part of its analysis of the top web properties based on American web traffic, comScore found that the Mother’s Day holiday led to major gains in visits for specific retailers in May, especially in the flowers and gifts industries. With the Fourth of July and other summer holidays ahead, marketers might take this as a cue to start ramping up their relevant website content to see similar traffic gains from searching (and shopping) Americans

Companies that typically see increased traffic around specific holidays or other seasonal events can leverage the increased attention by shifting certain web marketing efforts. For example, content marketing campaigns that usually focus on industry-specific subjects can create blogs, news articles or promotions around seasonal topics to help drive traffic and attract new customers.

Ecommerce companies in general are seeing increased traffic from a year ago, as Americans are more willing to spend money online. However, the web has also provided them with more options in terms of businesses to buy from.

Turning to a well-rounded new media marketing campaign can help marketers distinguish their companies from others. A custom content initiative, paired with similar efforts in social media and other channels, can help organizations stand out throughout the year but especially when seasonal shifts place prospects‘ focus on different elements of their industries.

In general, Brafton has highlighted a number of similar holidays and events that have resulted in increased website traffic at times when conversion is more likely. Among the events is the Super Bowl, and Brafton found businesses were using industry-related content that referenced the game to boost search and social visibility.