Joe Meloni

The Interactive Advertising Bureau recently reported that tablet users respond to web content more often when it is interactive, offering video or other dynamic elements. Marketers who take advantage of the full capability of the devices by making content more engaging and increase the likelihood that they access information.

According to the IAB, 54 percent of tablet owners said they respond positively even to ad content when its interactive. On the other hand, just 27 percent of tablet users have a positive view of static ad content.

Marketers should approach content marketing targeted at tablet owners with similar quality standards used to create content campaigns for desktop audiences. Developing engaging website content is critical for success as the web continues its evolution. While news content marketing campaigns are a good way to drive traffic and leads, other visually interactive and engaging formats, such as video and infographics, can help marketers appeal to prospects and stand out.

„There is clear expectation from consumers for tablet advertising to match the high quality of the overall tablet experience,“ Alex Kozloff, IAB’s senior mobile manager, said in a release. „It is still early days for tablet advertising, but consumer expectations are already raised.“

Including tablet owners in the target audience of any new media marketing effort can help companies boost website traffic and visibility for their campaigns. Brafton recently highlighted a report from the Online Publishers Association that found 90 percent of tablet users spend more time reading and watching web content than they do accessing email or working on their tablets.