Joe Meloni

A report from AYTM Market Research found that the tablet market is growing steadily, and consumers are investigating their options in terms of the devices that works best for them. Brafton has reported that about 31 percent of consumers own tablets, while AYTM’s data showed the about 20 percent of respondents own the devices.

Eleven percent of those planning to purchase a tablet said they knew which models they would buy. However, increased competition in the market has led to 35 percent saying they’re considering a few options, and more than 53 percent are entirely unsure.

AYTM’s reported highlighted Microsoft’s newly release tablet, the Surface, which more than 75 percent of consumers said they would consider buying. Regardless of the device, tablet users are an increasingly active online demographic that marketers must consider when planning their content marketing efforts.

Brafton recently reported that 94 percent of tablet users say accessing web content is their primary activity on the device.

Whether it’s reading articles or watching video on the web, tablet owners are using their devices more often and in multiple settings – not just on the go. Brafton has reported in the past that 96 percent of users said they use their devices in the home. Website content that is entirely accessible to owners of iPads and other tablets is more likely to help drive traffic and sales than articles (and sites) that aren’t optimized for mobile access.