Joe Meloni

A report from Knotice found that email marketing campaigns are increasingly dependent upon relevant content and engaging calls to action, as mobile access to emails quickly becomes the preferred method of opening an inbox. According to the report, 36 percent of email opens come from smartphones and other mobile devices, and this figure is expected to continue its growth.

For those using content marketing as well as email, finding the right articles, blog posts or white papers to include in email campaigns will ultimately make or break the effort. Knotice found that only 2 percent of consumers re-open emails after initially closing them, so failing to attract a reader quickly means they’re unlikely to convert.

Including website content that appeals the recipients of the email can help organizations improve website traffic and conversions. Targeting content for recipients most effectively positions businesses to make email marketing a greater revenue driver. However, failing to ensure the included links and calls to action appeal to the right users can result in failed initiatives.

As more consumers purchase smartphones, email marketing campaigns must be targeted for these users. Many have wondered if using email to reach prospects would become obsolete in the face of rising social netowrks, but marketers increasingly recognize the channel is changing. Brafton recently highlighted comments from Ed Kats of Media Whiz, who said that integrating email with content and social media marketing strategies is critical for the success of these strategies moving forward.