The addition of regularly updated content to a website can be an effective way of increasing its search engine ranking, it has been suggested.

Patrick Altoft, search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, tells E-consultancy of the need for a long-term strategy.

He explains that writing a small number of optimized articles and "hoping for instant success" is not an effective approach to SEO in the current climate.

"The issue is that every website needs some kind of strategy to automatically promote itself in the long term," he asserts.

But by having regular content such as blog posts or news articles, Mr Altoft claims that sites can be made to perform well even if the search engines modify their ranking criteria.

"Any site that has this sort of long-term linkbait is almost guaranteed to ride safely over any Google algorithm updates," he observes.

Mr Altoft recently wrote on E-consultancy that websites can find their traffic "turned off overnight" if they do not achieve a good search ranking through organic SEO methods.