Joe Meloni

As Twitter has worked to perfect its Promoted Tweets tool, targeting capability with the service has been an issue for many of the businesses using it. While Twitter released improvements in terms of mobile operating system targeting and other factors, it recently announced the ability to target specific audiences based on their location – one of the additions marketers have been waiting most impatiently for.

Primarily aimed at international brands, Twitter reported that companies can now select specific nations to target Promoted Tweets to ensure only users in those countries see the content.

Improving the targeting capability of its paid social media marketing tools will help Twitter attract more businesses. While Twitter’s announcement didn’t detail any further location-based targeting, the move represents a strong step for the company.

The last few months have been especially eventful at Twitter, as it continues to improve its product and add new services. Among the most recent announcements was the rollout of an improved internal search tool. Brafton reported that Twitter will now give autocomplete suggestions when users enter a query into the search bar. Moreover, the platform now suggests other users people may be searching for based on similar accounts in their follower lists.