Ted Karczewski

There’s no better time for travel marketers to launch a Pinterest campaign than the holiday season. As Brafton has previously reported, 2012 holiday travel activity is on the rise, as 76.7 percent of travel businesses expect Thanksgiving-related trips to be up, and 72.3 percent foresee December travel to be on the rise. Certain platforms can help businesses increase the reach of their online campaigns.

Pinterest data

In order to discover the type of branded content that makes the biggest impact on Pinterest, marketers can look at comScore’s „State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy in Q2 2012.“ This report analyzed the top 20 site categories with a high concentration of Pinterest users, and the study found the majority of Pinterest users also regularly visit travel sites. A social media marketing strategy that promotes holiday travel might reach a wider audience via this network.

The digital pinboard site is ideal for the travel industry because of the platform’s visual nature. For travel marketers interested in improving ROI, the comScore report also notes that Pinterest users are more likely to engage with travel content related to transactions. A campaign promoting a vacation package might generate more interest when content is published to Pinterest, and if the campaign contains well-written copy and eye-catching graphics, conversion rates will also increase.

Social media sites like Pinterest focus on popular content. When a high volume of users share and engage with a specific post, the content circulates among a wider audience. This action is beneficial for travel professionals promoting a specific deal, as custom content distributed via Pinterest leads to greater consumer engagement.