Joe Meloni

Pinterest has added a Categories tab to its site to help its users find the most relevant content and simplify the overall navigation of the site. For those using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool, focusing on creating content that fits into these categories and is entirely relevant to their industries could help improve the success of the campaign.

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, platforms are adding new tools to make their services more valuable for marketers and their user bases. Pinterest’s heavy focus on visual content presents an entirely different option for companies. While sharing images and other visuals on any social network can help boost engagement, Pinterest’s layout is especially well suited for social sharing of images.

Earlier this year, Brafton reported that Pinterest secured $100 million in funding from Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten. Many have speculated that Pinterest’s future lies in ecommerce given its heavily visual design. The addition of Categories to the site could help consumers move more efficiently through the social network and help drive these visitors to conversion.

Aside from the potential ecommerce impact of the announcement of Categories comes shortly after the rollout of Blekko’s ROCKZi, a social network focused on user curation of web news content. The site is comprised of a series of boards with a heavy focus on images related to the news content, similar to the layout of Pinterest.