With a growing number of people turning to the web to get information on products and services in their area, businesses like doctors‘ offices can benefit from using search engine optimization (SEO) to help attract local patients.

In a column for Modern Medicine, Keith Borglum, a certified healthcare business consultant (CHBC) writes that the web has become the new Yellow Pages for people looking for healthcare providers, which means that doctors need to consider search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure they rank high in a search engine results page.

In addition to creating content like a video to introduce themselves to potential clients, Borglum says site should look to get links to their site out to what he calls "legitimate, high quality directories" like the websites of local chambers of commerce or medical societies.

Focusing on visibility in a local area through search engine optimization (SEO) is especially important for small businesses.

In a column earlier this month for Search Engine Land, Hanan Lifshitz said that small businesses should make sure they appear within the top 10 companies in their class and area when a person performs a search for their industry.