Net neutrality is one issue that has the potential to greatly affect search engine marketing, but it is being almost completely overlooked by the industry.

That’s according to WebProNews, which warns of higher prices for sites that use pay-per-click and lower rankings for companies implementing search engine optimization techniques as a result of net neutrality violations by service providers.

For example, sites that have a good deal of media rich content would have slower load times if it is blocked or access is limited by content providers like Comcast.

Earlier this year the Federal Communication Commission said Comcast had essentially violated net neutrality when it blocked its customers‘ access to the peer-to-peer site BitTorrent.

PCMagazine, defines net neutrality as "a level playing field for internet transport" and the absence of restrictions or priorities on the internet by carriers or service providers.

Meanwhile, an article in today’s Wall Street Journal claimed that Google is attempting to form deals with internet service providers to create a "fast lane" for its own content.

However, Google was quick to point out they are still in favor of net neutrality, with its telecom and media counsel Richard Whitt writing that the company’s commitment to the principle of net neutrality remains as strong as ever.