In times past, businesses only had to think of a catchy name that nobody else had taken and voila! The product’s name was successful. Today, however, search engine optimization (SEO) demands that more care and attention be taken in naming products.

Experts say that social media, unambiguously-named products, and attention YouTube are essential to successful search engine optimization (SEO) for a new product name. Marty Weintraub, the president of internet advertising agency aimClear, writes for the blog searchengineland that good product names are frequently those that are available as user names on the top social networking websites.

Weintraub also suggests that prospective product makers search for their product’s name plus the word "horrible" or "sucks." Even if the item that internet users are raging at is completely unrelated to the product to be released, many searchers will not take the time to differentiate.

YouTube, for its part, may be the second-most used search engine in the world, behind only Google. Many experts, including Weintraub, recommend that YouTube search engine results page should be checked out for negative associations before a product is named.