Joe Meloni

Marketers considering the integration of Sponsored Stories or Posts into their strategies on Facebook are unlikely to see any negative side effects, as nearly 90 percent of users „don’t mind“ the paid content. According to a survey from Greg Sterling and Opus Research relayed by Marketing Land, most Facebook users would rather the site remain free than pay for ads to be removed.

About 10 percent of users said they would pay varying sums for access to the site if they could exclude ad content from their experiences. Previous polls cited by Brafton found that consumers, by and large, ignore the traditional ads placed on the site. However, new ad capability offered to marketers by Facebook can help present paid content more effectively without being overly invasive.

Sponsored Stories, for example, allow marketers to pay for organically shared content to appear within the news feeds of a certain users. Unlike other paid web content, these links don’t interfere with a user’s browsing in any way.

Brafton recently reported that the rapid adoption of Facebook as a marketing tool requires that companies grow especially innovative with their campaigns. Aside from sharing site content, Sponsored Stories, Scheduled Posts and other features enable companies to develop social media marketing strategies more effectively. Leveraging each of these tools makes for a well-rounded strategy that boosts brand visibility and drives site traffic.