Joe Meloni

In its Developers blog, Twitter detailed the thought process behind some of its most recent additions, including expanded Tweets and other news features, while also describing its plans for the future. According to Michael Sippey of Twitter, the company will soon roll out third-party apps and aggressively integrate tools that could make marketers‘ lives easier. These updates are part of the site’s continued effort to expand its service without shifting too heavily from the experience that drew users in the first place.

The year has been a busy one for the company, with new features and changes coming frequently. Recently, the company opted to nix its partnership with LinkedIn, which allowed Twitter users to share Tweets on their LinkedIn pages.

Although this may disrupt some social mavens‘ current sharing across the two platforms, Sippey wrote that the changes are ultimately aimed at unifying the Twitter experience – a move that is good for users and for marketers trying to reach social audiences. For social media marketing campaigns, this could signal a shift in the creation of LinkedIn content, since it can no longer be shared directly from Twitter to LinkedIn.

While the user is a major focus of the changes from Twitter, there appear to be some business advantages to recent and upcoming developments as well. Sippey wrote that Twitter essentially will not pursue relationships with apps and other integrations that „mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience,“ so both users and marketers can enjoy the microblogging platform without a fragmented experience that often comes from third-party apps.

As Twitter becomes a premier social network for both marketing and consumer use, the company has actively looked to make its platform as easy to use as possible. Moreover, businesses are identifying best practices for social media marketing campaigns. Brafton recently highlighted a study from Buddy Media that revealed weekends are ideal times for companies to share social content with their prospects.