Joe Meloni

A report from the RetailNet Group, relayed by eMarketer, found that ecommerce companies hoping to boost sales for the remainder of 2012 are turning to web marketing as a key driver of better performance. Sixty-seven percent of companies said they plan to invest more resources in their overall marketing efforts for the rest of the year.

Other methods of building sales named in the study include product innovations (100 percent), stronger product descriptions (67 percent) and better use of shopper insights (67 percent). Fortunately for marketers, each of these can be augmented by increased focus on web marketing.

Developing a multi-faceted content marketing campaigns that includes industry news updates, landing pages around core services or new products and detailed pieces aimed at providing deeper insights on best practices can attract new prospects. Brafton recently highlighted a study from Triton Digital that found more than 61 percent of consumers said they research the web and access a site’s content before making a purchase.

Moreover, integrating news content marketing as part of a greater web strategy can help ecommerce companies differentiate themselves from competition. As part of its study, Triton found that more than 12 percent of consumers said they read news content more than any other type on the web.