Joe Meloni

A report from Equation Research relayed by eMarketer suggests that tablet ownership typically leads consumers to spend more time researching potential purchases on the web. As these users grow more accustomed to the mobile web, they are more active in shopping via tablets, which places a strong emphasis on the need for marketers to create web campaigns that cater to constant web access.

According to the research, 20 percent of tablet owners said they shop on their devices at least once every week. Twenty-one percent said they shop more than once per week, and 12 percent reportedly turns to their tablets every day to research potential purchases.

Twelve percent of tablet owners use their devices for product research on a daily basis.

For marketers, establishing a strong web presence is critical to the success of business moving forward. Even when consumers are browsing items or comparing products and services without the immediate intention to buy, it’s important that different content marketing campaigns or social efforts reach them and influence their decision process. As they continue to find more content, prospects will likely be swayed by the brand that offers the simplest shopping experience, best prices or most compelling content.

Brafton recently reported that consumers have become increasingly demanding of ecommerce companies when it comes to site navigation and customer service, and businesses should check asses websites accordingly. Research from comScore indicates that these are two of the most crucial considerations beyond cost for consumers on the web.