Joe Meloni

A report from the Association of National Advertisers, relayed by eMarketer, found that 8 percent of companies are currently using blogs as part of an overall content marketing strategy. In the next 12 months, an additional 17 percent plan to make blogs a part of their web marketing presence. Developing original site content, whether it’s news articles or insightful, engaging blog posts, can help marketers boost SEO and position their organization better.

Brafton highlighted the ANA’s report earlier this month, detailing the effectiveness of social media marketing and other web channels, as well as companies‘ desires for stronger metrics to gauge their success.

According to the ANA, SEO is also a focus for marketers moving forward. Currently, 9 percent of responding companies are using SEO, and an additional 9 percent plan to do so in the next 12 months.

Developing blog or news content for SEO purposes helps organizations meet most major criteria for a strong presence in search. It also improves the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns, as sharing headlines with links drives engagement and interest on Twitter. Citing data from a Buddy Media survey, Brafton recently reported that shorter Tweets including links help companies improve clicks from their followers.