Joe Meloni

At day two of Google I/O, Google announced the rollout of Chrome iOS apps for both the iPad and the iPhone – both devices are currently the most popular in their markets. Even as the relationship between Apple and Google remains less than civil, the popularity of each company’s technology forces them to make some considerations for users, and search marketers should consider that this move positions Google for total mobile search market dominance.

The Chrome apps for the iPad and iPhone will allow users to access their desktop bookmarks and history from their mobile devices. With recent search history included in this, the mobile search experience on Apple devices is becoming increasingly convenient for users and rewarding across devices for websites that catch repeat visitors.

According to Google, there are more than 310 million active users of its Chrome web browser around the world. This represents massive growth since 2011’s conference when 160 million people were Chrome users.

For marketers, Chrome’s availability as a browser and app on Apple products further places emphasis on mobile SEO. Brafton recently cited data from BIA/Kelsey that found mobile search queries should surpass 30 billion this year and will likely overtake desktop searches by 2015 when smartphones and tablets are likely to be used by most Americans.

This builds on Google’s efforts to unify its services beyond the privacy policy it announced earlier this year, which essentially allowed the company to access user information from all Google services to inform their tailored experience on any one of them. Marketers can benefit from this unification with a strong social media marketing effort on Google+ will help a brand’s standing in Google search. Now, encouraging mobile users to save their activity from desktop search and access it on their handsets means content that appealed to a user at home can be pulled up easily when they’re on the go.

Apple users have been the target of several Google moves lately, as the Google search app for iPhone recently received a facelift, Brafton reported. The updated app allows users to leverage iOS‘ Siri to conduct quick voice searches, as well as the ability to move between all Google apps they have on their iPhone with a button on the search homescreen. As Google makes search easier for the dominant mobile market, the value of SEO efforts to reach consumers at home or on the go grows.

Tailoring its services for Apple’s mobile users makes sense for Google given the frequency with which they use search. Brafton recently highlighted data from Chitika that found Apple’s mobile audience turns to search more frequently than users of any other operating system, desktop or mobile.