Joe Meloni

On its AdCenter blog, Microsoft detailed a series of new features available for marketers. Among the adjustments is the ability to gauge the amount of traffic a site and its ads are seeing from tablet users, who make up an increasingly large portion of the greater web user base. Moreover, targeting tablet users has become a major goal of companies, as the audience is actively consuming web content of all kinds.

AdCenter users can now gather general web marketing metrics, such as traffic, keyword performance and demographic data, related specifically to tablet users. This data can then be applied to content marketing campaigns to better engage audiences searching via tablets. Earlier this year, Microsoft rolled out similar measurement tools for smartphone traffic.

For marketers focused on tablet owners with their paid search efforts, a strategy that makes informative web content a focus could help generate clicks and keep the visitors on their websites. Aside from high-quality landing and product pages, directing tablet users to news content marketing efforts can help increase traffic and guide them through conversion funnels.

Brafton recently reported that 69 percent of tablet owners said they read news content every day on their devices, and the amount of news they consume has grown since buying mobile computing devices.