Sunmee Huh is not a digital entrepreneur, nor does she hope to become the next Sergey Brin or Larry Page. She has, however, created a new search engine that is turning heads.

Huh designed to help her ailing grandfather, who has trouble reading the small type on most web pages and difficulty telling the difference between sponsored links and natural results, according to the Washington Post. Huh told the Post that " "I want to add an image search later," but that "right now, I’m concentrated on its original focus: keeping [Good50] simple to use."

Good50 was created using Google’s open-source API, says the Post, and Huh pays some of the site’s ad revenues to the search giant. She also pledged to donate 5 cents to charity per 50 visits to the site, but the Post says that she was unable to divulge total donations due to Google’s user agreement.

Experts say that carefully modified versions of existing search engines like Good50 could be useful search engine optimization (SEO) targets for campaigns targeting specific groups of users demographically likely to be using them.