Online marketers should create a list of keywords to incorporate into web copy before producing it, an industry commentator has explained.

Anne Holland, founder of internet resource Marketing Sherpa, explains keywords are highly-specific terms that a target audience would use to describe anything that relates to a firm’s offerings.

They are the phrases people typed into search engines when searching for something on the internet, she continues.

"Because all advertising boils down to ‚what’s in it for me?‘, your job is to convince prospects that their needs will be met. And, nothing is more compelling than speaking in a prospect’s language," Ms Holland adds.

As such, she recommends that firms carry out research into their target audiences preferred phrases by examining resources such as reviews, focus groups and customer hotlines.

Concluding, Ms Holland notes they will not be found in analyst reports or competitors‘ copy.

In other news, a post on search engine firm Google’s official blog in recent days outlined its search evaluation processes.