Joe Meloni

LinkedIn announced this week that it has rolled new Company Pages for businesses using the site for social media marketing. The adjustments place greater emphasis on articles and other content companies share on the website, as activities from the brand take up a majority of real estate on the new Pages. Moreover, the site borrows an idea or two from Facebook, with a cover photo for brands and a spot for the logo.

In recent years, LinkedIn’s user base among marketers has blossomed, and people turn to the site for more than just job postings. The additions of LinkedIn Answers and new marketing tools have made the site an ideal method for organizations to improve their position of authority within their industry by discussing trends, developments and other topics with colleagues or prospects.

The adjustments to Company Pages also help marketers share links to certain products or services. While the main traffic driver on the site will be the quality of the content organizations choose to share, highlighting the items they’re trying to sell can also add value for LinkedIn marketing.

Engagement is also a greater focus for companies on the social network, with comments and Likes displayed more prominently than before. According to Mike Grishaver, product manager for LinkedIn, the changes target both consumers and marketers on the site by making it easier to find relevant content.

Improving the effectiveness of LinkedIn marketing is especially important as he site continues to attract new users due to the success businesses have experienced. Brafton recently highlighted data from a WebMarketing123 study that found more than 40 percent of B2B companies on the site have generated leads from their campaigns.