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As content marketing plans mature, businesses of all sizes across industries struggle to manage each element of the strategies they know will work for them. On top of issues related to social marketing and overall distribution, the production of high-quality website content requires more than just writing articles. Content must speak to prospects through the right voice and represent a brand effectively to result in leads and eventual conversions.

Peter Moeller, marketing director for B2B law firm Scarinci Hollenbeck, said that finding the right vendor to develop a content strategy and produce strong, industry-relevant articles is a competitive necessity. For many, it’s unfeasible to hire the talent required to launch a truly successful content marketing strategy – including writers, designers and analytics-savvy consultants. Moeller pointed out that effective articles must include keywords to reach search engines and the style and tone that will appeal to prospects. Finding a third-party to manage the process helped Moeller’s campaigns achieve the goals he wanted, and other organizations can do the same.

Peter Moeller, Marketing Director, Scarinci Hollenbeck
Peter Moeller, Marketing Director, Scarinci Hollenbeck

„Regardless of the industry, marketers simply have to outsource certain parts of their strategy,“ Moeller said in an interview with Brafton. „Otherwise, you’ll have to hire a full editorial staff, and that may not be the most cost-effective option to perfect each element of your content campaign.“

He emphasized that businesses that choose to outsource parts of a marketing campaign must work closely with the vendor they choose. Alleviating some work from those in house is one benefit of using a third party, but it’s unlikely to succeed if a business doesn’t establish a strong relationship with their vendor to ensure content writers and analytics teams understand the brand’s voice and business goals. Given the sensitivity of website content, in terms of reaching search audiences and positioning a company well, communication is the cornerstone of a high-quality outsourced content marketing strategy.

„It’s important to be close with the people at the business you’re outsourcing content production to in order to define the voice you want,“ Moeller said. „I’ve seen situations where someone hired a vendor and expected everything to be taken care of immediately. To see the benefits you want, you have to work with people as partners.“

„Regardless of the industry, marketers simply have to outsource certain parts of their strategy. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire a full editorial staff, and that may not be the most cost-effective option.“ – Peter Moeller, Marketing Director, Scarinci Hollenbeck

Moving forward, Moeller expects more organizations to look for third parties to handle their content marketing strategies. Brafton recently highlighted a report from IDG Enterprise that found 30 percent of B2B companies currently outsource some part of their content marketing campaigns. Whether it’s the creation of an industry-focused blog or a data-heavy infographic, organizations outsourcing their content have successfully increased lead generation and site traffic as a result.

Like Moeller said, there will be an adjustment period, but fostering a strong relationship with a content marketing agency can help a company make its website more dynamic and a true driver of new business.

„It’s invaluable,“ Moeller said of outsourcing his company’s content development. „It’s not only about creating content. It’s about creating content that is visible. There are millions of pieces of content out there. It’s important to stand out, and using a vendor has helped me do that. It’s certainly made my life easier.“