A report from WebMarketing123 found that 54 percent of B2B marketers consider lead generation the No. 1 digital marketing goal. Brand awareness came in at No. 2, cited by 28 percent. Developing a stronger presence on the web and building reputation among prospects has become more important for these companies in the last year, with more businesses actively marketing on the web.

According to the study, twice as many respondents named building awareness as a goal in this year’s poll compared to last year. Internet marketing priorities are shifting, as just 10 percent of respondents said they consider increased sales their top goal. While any business investing in the web marketing wants to improve sales, developing lead generation methods and top-of-funnel campaigns will likely lead to more opportunities for conversions.WebMarketing123 B2B SEO

Additionally, six percent named website traffic the leading goal of internet marketing campaigns.

B2B marketers‘ responses represent a greater focus on building the conversion funnel, with emphasis on lead generation, brand perception and website traffic demonstrating the desire to influence shoppers. It seems SEO is deemed a top way to achieve presence and authority, as 84 percent of B2B respondents have search optimization campaigns in place. Brafton has previously reported SEO is best fueled by content marketing.

Brafton recently highlighted a report from IDG Enterprise that also found business-to-business marketers are adjusting the ways they measure the success of their content marketing strategies, which further demonstrates an evolving understand of B2B web conversions. The study found similar results to the WebMarketing123 poll, with site traffic and lead generation as top metrics for thease companies.