Keywords are an integral part of creating an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, it has been explained.

Writing on the online pages of Forbes, sector commentator Melanie Lindner recommends webmasters select 50 to 100 keywords which are most relevant to their products and services, as well as their target audience.

She explains the more these words appear on a firm’s website – within reason – the higher up in the search engine rankings it will tend to appear.

"Many small professional-services businesses – think lawyers and doctors – depend on having a strong local presence. For them, keywords shouldn’t just relate to industries or products – they should specify zip code, city and region as well," Ms Lindner adds.

Concluding, she also recommends companies track the clicks of their website’s users to see which areas of their online resource could be optimized further.

In other news, sector commentator Rick Cook recently told Inside CRM that effective use of email forms part of an successful drip marketing strategy.