Next week, inbound marketing professionals from many diverse fields will congregate in Boston to network and share strategies and advice at Gillette Stadium.

This event is targeted heavily at marketing and PR professionals, including practitioners of search engine optimization (SEO), and will feature appearances by a number of inbound marketing gurus. Among those will be Tim Street, CEO of APE Digital, Jason Falls, VP at Doe-Anderson, Brian Solis, principal at PR 2.0, and Gary Vaynerchuk, noted Web 2.0 expert.

The summit aims to be not just a networking event, but one that can answer real questions about cutting-edge marketing strategies and techniques like search engine optimization (SEO). Participants will get the chance to speak directly to some of the top minds in new media marketing. Included in the price of admission will be extensive showcase demonstrations, a pair of conference luncheons, and a one-year subscription to Inc. magazine.

In the rapidly changing economy and even more rapidly changing online marketplace, marketing and PR professionals could reap great benefits from sharing experiences and strategies with each other.