Joe Meloni

HootSuite announced this week that it has integrated LinkedIn into its social media dashboard to allow marketers to add post and interact with their LinkedIn company pages. Previously, consumers could add LinkedIn to HootSuite, but those managing profiles for their businesses had to navigate away from HootSuite to do so.

Enabling businesses to manage social media marketing campaigns more effectively will ensure that marketers using LinkedIn can update the platform as frequently asother networks. HootSuite is open to several different platforms, and the LinkedIn business integration was a major step for the service, as it looks to become the top social dashboard.

Moreover, LinkedIn has worked aggressively to make its site as effective for companies as it has been for individual users. Making the creation of social media marketing content easier by allowing the management of all networks to take place on a single dashboard will likely make LinkedIn a more attractive option for businesses.

According to Mike Grishaver, LinkedIn senior product manager for Company Pages, the platform has been especially useful for businesses that create original content targeted at professionals on the site. Sharing relevant insights in the form of news content has helped businesses drive their visibility on the platform.

LinkedIn’s appeal as a social media marketing option has grown substantially in recent months. Brafton reported in February that the platform was among the tools most likely to be added to web marketing efforts in 2012.