Joe Meloni

A report from Mintel found found that a growing number of men are interested in haircare services and information, with 52 percent of respondents saying they plan to change their mane habits. While women (72 percent) are still more likely to go to salons and access haircare content, the growing male audience means beauty marketers can target new prospects on their sites.

The poll actually found that men who use specialty haircare products and services visit locations and websites more often than women.

Developing content marketing campaigns can help companies deliver their content to target audiences through search. As businesses‘ presences on the web grow, it’s not uncommon for their campaigns to lead to larger and new audiences. With more men accessing information related to personal care and beauty services, those looking to sell to the demographic can improve their chances with website content aimed at men.

Earlier this year, Brafton highlighted a similar study from Mintel that found men’s fashion is becoming increasingly popular research topic on search and other channels, as men look for information on improving their styles. Similarly, content marketing campaigns that focus on providing advice or news in men’s fashion could help attract relevant traffic.