Google AdWords is undergoing some changes. In the official AdWords blog, the company announced it will be retiring the AdWords Report Center and pertinent information will soon be migrated into users‘ Campaign tabs.

Reports will gradually be moved into the Campaigns tab over the next few weeks, ultimately leading to the complete elimination of the Report Center. Previously scheduled data updates set up for the Report Center will be sent as usual, but they will also be sent to the „Reports“ section of the Control & Panel library, and users may choose to delete old reports from the Report Center to avoid duplicate emails with the same data.

Once all reports are available in the Campaigns tab, users will no longer have the option to create reports in the Report Center. Instead, they will schedule, download and email reports from pages where they manage their campaigns.

While those who are familiar with the current system may have initial concerns about the shift, Emily Williams of Google’s Inside AdWords crew suggests the change will make marketers lives easier. She says this makes it possible for users to see search terms, segment data and email and schedule downloads „on all the same pages where you manage your campaigns, making finding key performance drivers (and acting on your discoveries) faster and easier.“

The search engine giant is also making this process „faster and easier“ by offering tools to educate marketers about using the updated AdWords. In preparation for the shift, Google now has a tutorial of the reporting features of the Campaigns tab in the AdWords Online Classroom.