Joe Meloni

Google Trends now features links to stories and images of the trending topics thanks to the latest revamp from the company. The development stands to reward website creating top website content around hot searches.

Previously, users would see only the topics currently making news. While this provided the information regarding the topics, figures or events people were discussing on the web, it did little to provide much context or direct users to relevant content.

Adding images and links will help consumers develop a better understanding of the reason behind the topic’s popularity. Moreover, the linking news will help direct traffic to website covering the event well. As part of its May search quality updates, Google announced an adjustment to its freshness factor algorithm, and the expanded content on Google Trends, now dubbed Google Hot Searches, may have been the motivation.

Other recent updates to Google Search, aside from Panda and Penguin rollouts, include improved mobile and local search capability. Brafton recently reported that providing mobile users with an optimum search experience is critical, and Google appears to be focused on this as well in light of its new, first-ever discussion of guidelines for successful mobile SEO.