Joe Meloni

SEO and web content expert Bryson Meunier recently reported on his personal website that Google has rolled out mobile icons on its smartphone and tablet SERPs to direct users to sites optimized for mobile devices. This should be a cue to cater to mobile audiences for marketers who currently derive a lot of their traffic from organic search, as well as those hoping to win more search traffic from on-the-go shoppers.

Google has been especially active in making mobile search more effective and easy to use. Directing users to content they will be able to interact with fully ensures mobile users enjoy an optimized experience with minimal interruptions related to a lack or mobile integration. Plus, giving this content a special highlight on SERPs increases the chances it will be clicked.

According to Meunier, the rollout has gone unannounced from Google and many mobile searchers have yet to see the feature. However, a Google spokesperson confirmed to Meunier that the company is testing this, along with others features to its mobile SERPs aimed at making the smartphone experience as enjoyable as possible. Currently, it is unknown whether or not these new icons will impact mobile SEO in anyway.

Other changes to mobile search Google has made in recent weeks include a Handwrite feature that allows users of the latest Android and iOS iterations to use their fingers to trace letters onto the mobile search homepage to find results quickly.

Moreover, Brafton highlighted comments from Google’s Pierre Farr early this summer that predated many of the mobile updates from Google and offered the company’s first official tips on mobile SEO. Farr said that web marketers should ensure that their sites are fully accessible to smartphone and tablet users.