Joe Meloni

On Friday, Google announced the release of Mobile App Analytics, which the company developed to help marketers track the success of their apps in terms of driving engagement, conversion and other areas that inform marketing success.

According to a release on the company’s Google Analytics blog, Mobile App Analytics will help marketers measure the general popularity of their app. Acquisition and user totals will help companies keep track of their apps and fine-tune them to ensure the growth they’re looking for.

Other features include engagement data to measure the frequency with which users keep the apps on their devices, as well performance metrics to avoid excessive crashes and other issues. Additionally, marketers and app developers can monitor conversion data to assess the general success of their apps.

Recently, a series of Google announcements have centered on the company’s efforts in mobile, and marketers should take note. Even those unlikely to develop an app have received some urging and guidance from the company in regard to building an effective presence of the mobile web, as well as some clearly defined best SEO practices.

For example, at the recent Google I/O Developers Conference, the company detailed new mobile search features as well as Jelly Bean, the latest iteration of its Android mobile operating system. Additionally, one of the most important announcements came from Google’s Pierre Farr at SMX Advanced in Seattle. Farr urged marketers and web developers alike to create a single domain for visitors that can be accessed seamlessly from any device or operating system.

According to Farr, this is among the best ways for SEO campaigns to offer their true value to companies. A single domain for all users ensures that links and other ranking factors all work to drive the same domain’s search standing. Oftentimes, companies with mobile-specific sites receive substantial traffic to a dedicated mobile site but struggle to boost their ranking in search because two separate domains are receiving traffic and links.

With Pew reporting that more than half of Americans access the mobile web, it’s no longer a luxury for companies, especially those relying on SEO, to have a mobile presence.