A Google search for „Google Me“ brings up about 589 million web results and another 9,050 Google News results. A lot of people have a lot to say about this mysterious social network, but the search giant is keeping quiet about its launch.

Google has not made any public statements about a Google Me feature, but intrigue unfolded after Digg founder Kevin Rose tweeted about a „huge rumor“ from a „very credible source“ that Google would unveil a social network site to take on Facebook. Notably, the tweet has been removed from Twitter.

Another source who claims to have insider information also says this „real project“ is poised to result in a viable Facebook competitor. Adam D’Angelo, who was involved in Facebook during its early days, says he has spoken to „reliable sources“ and is „completely confident“ that Google is working on its own social network.

D’Angelo responded to a Google Me query on Quora.com, telling readers this project is high-priority at Google – especially because Google Buzz did not generate the company’s desired results. Moreover, he says the site will be modeled after Facebook, as the increasing power of Zuckerberg’s social network has left Google execs concerned about its leverage over the search engine.

Indeed, Hitwise reported that Facebook visits surpassed Google visits for the first time earlier this year. Moreover, Facebook is adding new advertising tools for businesses as consumers increasingly use the social site to learn about brands and search for products and services.

But before it can be determined whether Google Me will offer a viable competitor for Facebook, it must be determined whether the search engine’s social network will come to fruition. According to Search Engine Land, Google officials have declined to comment on „rumor and speculation.“ Stay tuned.