Joe Meloni

Google rolled out yet another minor Panda update on Monday, confirming the algorithm tweak on Monday afternoon via its official Twitter account. Like previous updates in 2012, Panda 3.8 seems to have little impact on SEO campaigns and overall search rankings, but marketers should still focus on creating high-quality website content to engage their audiences and, subsequently, boost their visibility in Google search.

As part of the Tweet, Google included a link to a Webmaster Central blog post from more than a year ago. The post discusses creating quality content and a series of best practices and guidelines for marketers to follow when building a site.

Google’s Amit Singhal advised marketers who took a hit from Panda that „improving the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages, or moving low quality pages to a different domain could eventually help the rankings of your higher-quality content.“

In general, SEO campaigns driven by content marketing will help businesses avoid a lot of the SEO pitfalls and bad practices Google advises against. In terms of building trust with readers, avoiding duplicate content, writing to quality editorial standards and using qualified content writers to populate a site with engaging articles can drive traffic and improve a brand’s visibility on the web.

Businesses hoping to see their website content power SEO should develop strategies sooner rather than later, as content marketing is becoming increasingly competitive. Brafton recently reported that 87 percent marketers said they will invest in website content in 2012.