Online retailers have a new target surface for search engine optimization (SEO), thanks to Google: The search giant this week announced the launch of its newest search engine, one that crawls internet stores to index product and price information.

While commerce search is a paid search technology – prices start at $50,000 per year for full listings – the field of search engine optimization (SEO) will be affected as well. Nitin Mangtani, Google Enterprise search project manager, told the San Francisco Chronicle that "[m]ost sites today don’t have good search," implying that online retailers could profit greatly from applying thoughtful SEO to their commercial content.

Google has set up a demonstration site to show off the new product to the public, and the initial response has been generally positive. Birkenstock USA’s COO, Jeff Kilmer, told the San Franciso Chronicle that Google’s new technology has improved search speed and efficiency on that company’s website.

Google Commerce Search could provide a holiday boost to search engine optimization (SEO) professionals in particular and search marketers in general, as it applies the company’s unrivaled search technology to providing relevant product results to harried online consumers.