Joe Meloni

Google recently rolled out Content Experiments to help marketers find the best layout, design and structure of a web page to maximize conversions and other critical metrics. Now, the company has reported all Google Analytics users have received the capability after weeks of testing in beta.

Marketers can develop a series of content formats for a conversion page and test them to see which performs best. Additionally, those using content marketing can see the articles drawing the most attention and create similar content to make other pages more effective and appealing.

As has been Google’s goal with most of its updates, Content Experiments will help marketers deliver a high-quality user experience throughout their sites. Finding the right mix of text and images or the ideal layout ensures users see a page that offer a pleasant and easy navigation experience.

According to Nir Tzemah of Google’s Analytics team, the feature will be rolled out to all users over the next few weeks.

For some, the use of analytics to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign was an easy decision. However, many still aren’t employing a reliable system to gauge the effectiveness of different campaigns. Using analytics helped one company make adjustments to different channels included in a new media marketing strategy that improved conversions by more than 30 percent, Brafton reported.