Joe Meloni

Google has rolled out a new feature designed to give smartphone and tablet users an easier way to search the web. According to a report on the official Google blog, the tool allows to essentially write their queries onto the main screen of’s mobile site . Using their fingers to trace the words onto the page, smartphone and tablet owners can quickly search the web with the Handwrite feature. This may change search behavior among those who have found it difficult to type on the small keypads of mobile screens.

Prior to using the tool, searchers must enable it within Google’s settings and tap the Handwrite button the page.

Ultimately, the addition of this tool will have little impact on SEO, but it demonstrates Google’s desire to develop tools and solutions that make it easier for all users to access its services. It may also encourage longer searches or more search refinement among mobile users who find it easy to trace and search.

Handwrite is available for Apple devices running iOS 5 or higher and Android-powered smartphones using Android 2.3 or higher. Those owning tablets with Android must have at least 4.0.

Recently, Google has been more active in innovation for mobile search. Brafton recently highlighted comments from Google’s Pierre Farr, offering SEO tips on serving smartphone and tablet users. Farr said that marketers should be sure to develop websites that are entirely accessible to mobile users.