Joe Meloni

After buzz about its social network at Google I/O, increased integration of Google+ throughout Google’s products and services is expected by marketers, developers and users alike. One of the early signs of this rolled out recently, with +1 data being visible within the Chrome web store. Users will now see apps ranked in accordance with their relevance to searched terms, as well as +1s from people within their Circles. The move is a sign of the growing importance of +1 data in web marketing

Users can adjust the ranking of apps in the web store with five different settings, including a „From your circles“ option that allows users to see only apps that have been +1’d by their contacts.

In general, social media marketing campaigns‘ reliance on Google+ has been limited in the year since its launch. Even after Google+ Pages, the platform’s social marketing services, rolled out, many hesitated as the site struggled to take off. Increased integration throughout the web will likely drive adoption as users find more reasons to use the site and marketers gain more cross-web incentives to work for +1’d content.

In the days following Google I/O, other examples of new Google+ integration and +1 features include automatic sharing options when a user chooses to +1 an article, website or anything else on the web. Brafton highlighted the feature in a report finding that when a user clicks on the +1 button, they will see other content from that site +1’d by users in their Circles.