Joe Meloni

On its Politics blog, Google announced the addition of congressional district targeting for Google AdWords. The tool rolled out last week, and all paid search marketers now the ability to reach certain audiences based on district – not just those managing political candidates‘ campaigns.

Obviously, marketers for election hopefuls make up the primary group that motivated this expansion. However, web marketers can also use the tool to make their audience targeting more robust. The options previously available include the basic demographic tools, such as age, sex, race, etc. However, more contextual options can make marketing on the web more effective for those in any industry.

For marketers opting to use congressional districts to highlight different products and services, relevance is an increasingly critical component of content. Ensuring that landing pages included in paid search campaigns convey messages that appeal to specific audiences makes them more likely to convert.

Google has rolled out a number of tools that make it increasingly important for audience targeting to be done effectively. Brafton recently reported that searchers can now block results from websites they believe are not offering relevant content marketing on paid search results.