Joe Meloni

Google has announced that it will offer two separate Google+ widgets for companies to add to their websites to encourage content sharing. The +1 button will remain, allowing logged-in users to signify that they like a piece of content. However, Google is adding a Google+ Share button, which will allow users to display a link to website content along with an excerpt and image on their Google+ profiles.

This update caters to the popularity of the +1 button, in spite of Google+’s problems becoming a commonly used social network. Adding the +1 button to content pages throughout the web has helped organizations spread their articles, blog posts and videos more effectively. However, many users clicking the button don’t seem to understand what exactly happens when they do.

Previously, users would click a the +1 button and receive a prompt to share the content. By distinguishing between +1’ing content on the web and sharing it on Google+, the company is encouraging users to get more interactive with web content however they choose – and this may be good for content marketing campaigns. Notably, the feature might also encourage more people to share and update their Google+ profiles, which will foster activity on the growing social network.Many users do not really understand what a +1 on Google+ signifies.

Businesses using Google+ for social media marketing can now select one of the two buttons to add to their page or use both if they desire. The Google developer page explains how to add the share button to websites.

In December 2011, the +1 button recorded more than 2.7 billion clicks, Brafton reported. While the feature has had similar success since, users seemed confused by the request to Share content, prompting Google to add the Share feature as well.